Does consistent commercial cleaning matter?

Did you know that an average staff member loses nine working days in a year to sickness? Unhygienic workplace being one of the many reasons. According to the research, your normal keyboard can carry viruses too. It can carry up to 7500 bacteria at any given time. Viruses tend to linger on unclean surfaces such […]


Why Is the End Of Lease Cleaning Important?

All of us love a house that is squeaky clean. Don’t you feel at peace when there is not a single speck of dust on your furniture, no bits of paper littering your floor, no waste overflowing your garbage bin? You sure do! Therefore when you rent a house or an apartment, you expect to […]


Domestic Cleaning

Drinks get spilled, kids making a mess, pets loitering the home – how familiar do these situations sound? We’re quite sure these are a few of the everyday occurrences that happen every now and then. Feeling home-y and at peace is what comes to your mind when you think about ‘home’. And therefore, cleanliness plays […]