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Areas to Focus During End of Lease Cleaning

There is no doubt that cleaning is one of the most important tasks that need to be carried out during an end of lease clean. If not done properly, it can lead to a lot of health and safety risks for the tenant.

Here are the areas that we feel need to be focused on during an end of lease clean:

The Common Areas

The Bathrooms

It’s important to clean the bathrooms carefully, as they can become cluttered and dirty. Make sure to check for any leaks and cracks, as these can lead to serious health and safety issues.

One of the first things that you will want to do is clean the common areas. This includes sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning any windows or mirrors, and removing any debris.

After the common areas have been cleaned, it’s time to focus on the bathrooms. This includes washing all surfaces, cleaning all fixtures and fittings, and scrubbing any flooring.

Step 1: Open the Cabinet Doors

First, open all of the cabinet doors and clean out all of the cabinets. This will help remove any food or debris that may have been left behind.

Step 2: Find and Replace the Toilet Paper and Holder

It can be difficult to determine where the toilet paper is located. It may have been hidden in a tight corner or behind some furniture. To solve this problem, replace the toilet paper holder with a more accessible location.

If you cannot find the paper, try to flush the toilet several times and see if it clears. If it does not clear, there may be a blockage in the system and you will need to call a plumber.

Step 3: Find the Plunger and Head

The plunger is used to clean out any drains and pipes on the property, and the head is used to clear any debris from around the drains.

Step 4: Remove the Seat and Liner

This is usually done by using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Make sure to use caution when cleaning around the edges of the seat as they may be sharp.

Once the seat and liner have been removed, it is best to clean any areas that were not easily accessible with a vacuum cleaner. This can be done with a cloth or sponge cleaners.

Step 5: Empty the Trash and Wipe Down the Surface

After the tenant has vacated, it’s important to clean up any messes they may have made. One of the most important steps is to empty the trash and wipe down any surfaces that were used.

This will help prevent potential health hazards and make the property look neater for future tenants.

Step 6: Replace the Seat and Liner

Replacing the seat and liner is an important step at the end of the lease cleaning process for the bathroom. The old seat will likely be dirty and stained, and the liner may be worn or damaged.

By replacing both components, you can ensure that your furniture is in good condition when you hand it back to the tenant.

The Kitchen

The kitchen should also be given a good clean before tenants move out.

This includes wiping down all surfaces with a disinfectant wipe, cleaning all appliances and utensils with a degreaser, and thoroughly washing all dishes and pans.

Step 1: Clean and de-clutter the kitchen

If you are nearing the end of your lease and have decided to clean and de-clutter your kitchen, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure to remove all the food debris, pots and pans that are no longer used, and any other items that can be potentially hazardous.

Step 2: Disinfect all surfaces

Next, clear off all of the surfaces so that you have a working space free from clutter. Take some time to organise everything by category so that everything is easily accessible.

Step 3: Clean all appliances and utensils

After the tenant has vacated, it is important to clean all appliances and utensils in the unit. This will help to ensure that any residual smells or bacteria are eliminated and the property looks its best for future tenants.

Generally, cleaning products such as ammonia or bleach can be used to clean all surfaces. Make sure to wear gloves and a face mask when cleaning so as not to inhale any harmful fumes.

Step 4: Wash all dishes and pans

After the tenant has moved out, it is important to clean up any messes they may have left behind. This includes cleaning all the dishes and pans. This will help to reduce the likelihood of future issues and make the property look cleaner overall.


Last but not least, bedrooms should be cleaned before tenants leave. This includes checking for dirt, dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens. In addition to this, it’s important to vacuum the carpets and remove any furniture that needs to be moved out.

Step 1: Clean All Surfaces and Clean All Bedroom Furniture

When your lease is up and you are moving out, it is important to clean all surfaces and clean all furniture in the bedroom. This will help to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you move out, such as bed bugs or stains.

Step 2: Check for Dirt, Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, and Allergens

Lease cleaning is an important step in protecting your belongings from potential dirt, dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens.

Always check for these pests before beginning the lease cleaning process.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect, so always use a professional service to inspect the property for signs of infestation.

Step 3: Vacuum Carpets and Remove Furniture

After the tenant has vacated the premises, it is important to clean up any mess they may have left behind. One of the most common areas to leave behind clutter and dirt is carpets.

Carpet cleaning can help remove any stains or debris that may have been left behind, as well as ensure that the area is free of allergens and other potential nuisances.

Additionally, removing furniture can be a great way to make sure that all surfaces in the space are clean and free of debris.

Following these simple steps will help to ensure a clean and safe end of lease clean. If you think this is too much to do, hire an end of lease cleaning service to take care of everything for you.

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