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Whenever we visit any residence of our friends or relatives, it is not only the floor and roof but also the corners that get our attention. When these places, especially those that are normally inaccessible are left unattended, it gives a shoddy look to the whole residence.  The professional house cleaning service we provide, makes your home not only spic and span but also makes the visitors think positively about how much you care about the things you use.

Myom Cleaning Services is one of the leading end of lease cleaning in Carnegie service providers that provides carpet cleaning and other commercial cleaning services to every suburb in Melbourne including Carnegie. When you register with us, we leave no stone unturned to fulfil our commitment of thoroughly cleaning your house. For example when it is about carpet cleaning, it is not just above and under the carpet but also within the carpet. For us the dust and germs can set in the thickness and whatever spaces available within the carpet. We use the steam cleaner too when needed.

Myom Cleaning Services also offers commercial cleaning and end of lease cleaning carnegie, so that our clients do not have to waste time and energy searching for those that offer these services.

We neither compromise with the quality of service nor break any of the laws of the government of Australia. This means that for making your house free of germs we deploy environmentally friendly measures and strictly adhere to the norms as specified by the Australian government.