Myom Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated provider of high quality domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning in Caulfield. Our business is family owned and operated, with a core focus on carrying out our services with an unrivaled level of care, courtesy, and determination to achieve the best results for commercial cleaning and house cleaning that are possible in Caulfield.

Our cleaning methods are based on a tried and trusted principles, including both the equipment and products used. We can offer you a wide range of cleaning solutions, from general house cleaning and routine carpet cleaning, to more thorough deep cleaning and hygienic cleansing methods, such as carpet steam cleaning.

We can also provide you with a solution for end of lease cleaning. Aimed at both tenants and landlords of the property, we are able to present the interior in an exceptional manner, aiding both agreement closures and presenting an impeccable property for new leases. At all times our staff work in a courteous manner, both for large and small jobs, and exhibit a remarkably high level of attention to detail.

Feel free to call us today on 0452 524 482 for any enquiries or queries into our commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning services in Caulfield. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Domestic cleaning in Caulfield

We have provided a tailored service for domestic cleaning to many residents in Caulfield, helping them to once again have the freedom of a clean and tidy home. Our house cleaning services are aimed at targeting the onset of dust and dirt right at the source, and we can also provide a hygienic solution for carpet steam cleaning, where necessary. If you are a tenant or a landlord, we can help you too, with our end of lease cleaning being engineered to deliver fantastic results every time.

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End of lease cleaning in Caulfield

If you are in requirement of a professional end of leasing company in Caulfield, then look no further than Myom Cleaning Services. For you to get your bond back, our vacate cleaning services is most proficient in Caulfield region. No matter if you require hard carpet stains cleaned, clean the walls, dust the bench-tops, clean the drawers and cupboards, remove the cobwebs and general cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping and steam cleaning services, we are ready to get your rental property cleaned to get your bond back from your property manager.

There is a sufficient time required for vacate cleaning because if your carpets are stained and walls are filthy then it is going to take more time for end of lease cleaning in Caulfield. As a tenant, you are always required to leave the property and hand-it-over as it was when you acquired it in the past. If your rental place has not been regularly cleaned, then it’s going to be a big task to clean your house. However, upon assessment we can analyse the time and money that would be required to perform end of lease cleaning in Caulfield.

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Commercial cleaning in Caulfield

Our commercial cleaning will allow you to showcase your working space in a presentable and impeccably clean manner. From scheduled commercial cleaning, to particular areas that need attention, we will be able to cater for all of the needs that businesses face. We service all sectors, both large and small, and can also provide a hygienic commercial cleaning service if it is required for your business.

 From Caulfield, call us on  0452 524 482. We are open Mon – Fri 08:00 to 17:00

Carpet Cleaning in Caulfield

Carpet cleaning is an art and we accomplish it with utmost care and dedication that it requires. We perform steam cleaning of your carpets with hot water extraction equipment and ensure that your carpets dry before we handover it to you. All our Caulfield carpet cleaning staff are proficient to perform steam cleaning with utmost care. We not only clean carpets but we also clean upholstery. All leather upholstery and sofas are hand cleaned to ensure they remain clean and smooth for years to come.