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Myom Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated provider of domestic house cleaning and commercial cleaning in Toorak. Since we first opened our doors, we have been providing only the highest quality of house cleaning (domestic cleaning) and commercial cleaning solutions to hundreds of our clients in the Toorak area, treating each project as if it were our own interior.

Using the latest, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and trusted cleaning products and materials, our staff are more than up the task of any job that they are asked to undertake. We can provide you with a suite of cleaning options, from carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning to the more complex of large house cleaning, end of lease cleaning and building cleaning.

We can also offer rental properties in Toorak with a reliable and dependable bond back cleaning service. Aiming to restore the presentation value of the property, as well as helping both parties to meet and honour lease agreements, our end of lease cleaning will involve a deep and thoroughly clean, leaving nothing less than a perfect result.

You can contact us today on 0452 524 482 to find out more about how we can help you with our tailored commercial cleaning and domestic house cleaning in Toorak.

Domestic cleaning in Toorak (House Cleaning)

From simple house cleaning, to more thorough and deep spring cleaning, our team of specialists will be able to refresh your home’s interior with our domestic cleaning services. We look to remove dust and dirt at their sources, imprinting our high attention to detail into everything that we do. We can also provide end of lease cleaning for rental properties, offering a hassle-free solution to restoring the presentability of the home.

Commercial cleaning in Toorak

We have helped many businesses in Toorak with our complete commercial cleaning solutions, restoring the freshness and cleanliness of the office or workspace. We can provide a reliable and dependable routine commercial cleaning schedule, to make sure your interior is always maintained, or call in simply for spot-area cleaning. We can also provide a great service for hygienic needs, too, whether it be for carpet steam cleaning or other means.

For businesses and offices in Toorak, our commercial cleaning solutions will allow you to present your office or working space with the utmost confidence and pride. We are available to conduct routine cleaning of your workspace so that you can have a clean interior at all times, and are also able to take care of full building spaces, too. We can also provide adeep hygienic cleaning solutions, too, should your particular business require such a service.

Carpet Cleaning & Steam Cleaning in Toorak

Myom Cleaning Services provides a professional carpet cleaning in Toorak and has been in business for more than 5 years. Please call 0452 524 482 for a FREE carpet cleaning quote today.

Our Summer Season Specials – Carpet Steam Cleaning starting from just $58 for 3 rooms of up to 58 per sqm which includes lounge room carpet cleaning, master bedroom carpet cleaning and a family room carpet cleaning with stairs and hallway. Also we have a continuous deal that you can redeem along with the ongoing carpet cleaning deal.

We recommend carpet should be clean at least once a year so they look new and fresh. Steam cleaning your carpet and upholstery is a safe way to ensure that your home and office in Toorak area really is as clean as possible.

Myom cleaning Services in Melbourne hires only fully trained professionals who specialise in steam cleaning of carpet, curtains and furniture. Our specialists use modern techniques and equipment to remove stains that others leave behind.

Our comprehensive and modern technological carpet cleaning process is ideal for removing ground-in dirt, spots & stubborn stains, dust, bacteria & allergens, as well as pet odour & stains. We only use natural, environmentally-friendly detergents for cleaning.

A carpet steam cleaning service typically takes around 2 to 6 hours to complete. This depends on the size of the carpeted area within your home and it’s current level of soiling. Please note that any heavy, bulky or electrical items should be moved prior to your service, otherwise we’ll clean around them.

We have three of the best methods cleaning carpets in Toorak.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning (Bonnet Cleaning)
  • Encapsulation (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning)

There are many factors that determine which method is right for you.

The Myom Cleaning team will inspect your carpet before initiation of cleaning process and thereby conduct the required tests to identify the type of fibre, weaving, the fabrics and how carped is dyed along with the potential challenges that can occur while applying chemicals and water to a fibre. This process allows us to choose the best method for cleaning and drying the carpet in the best possible way.

Why Choose Myom Carpet Cleaning Services in Toorak?

As you are well aware that there are multiple carpet cleaning companies in Toorak but only 2-5% of them are certified and have professional experienced domestic and commercial carpet cleaners. There are various reasons for you to choose us over other carpet cleaning companies.

  • We not only clean carpets but we also strive to remove any possible stain on your carpet.
  • Same day domestic carpet cleaning services in Toorak.
  • No extra charges or hidden fees on top of what we provide and confirm with you.
  • We provide you the quote immediately over the phone.
  • You can book us after working hours through our website for any of our cleaning services.
  • We only use eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions which are safe for hygienic.
  • We can employ carpet cleaners in a short notice for any emergency treatment.
  • Our carpet cleaning service will enhance your carpet life and its durability.
  • Our cleaning services are affordable.
  • Our cleaned carpets using steam cleaning are made to dry instantly.
  • We also offer free pre-treatment and carpet vacuuming for stains removal process.
  • We use Healthguard™ that eradicates fungi, bacteria and mould.
  • Deodoriser is used in our carpet cleaning process to ensure your carpets are well odoured.
  • Pet hairs and pet urine will be gone completely after our carpet cleaning process.
  • 100% Australian owned and operated carpet cleaning company in Toorak.
  • We provide emergency flood water restoration services in some areas.
  • You won’t find any shrink in your carpets and stretches will be gone after our steam cleaning service.
  • Locally preferred carpet cleaning company in your area.
  • 100% satisfactions guaranteed.

The Ultimate Warning about untrained / inexperienced carpet cleaners in Toorak

We regularly receive calls from distressed customers asking us to fix a problem usually caused by untrained carpet cleaners in Toorak. Typically these issues include the following.

  • No pre-vacuuming – dirty streak marks because of the way the carpet dries from base of the fibre to tip, pulling the fine embedding soil particles to the surface of the fibre during the drying process from evaporation.
  • Carpets left too wet – woven carpet with cotton (a natural fibre) absorbs water and swells which causes shrinkage or the jute can bleed up to the surface of the fibre’s and the carpet in areas can have a brownish water mark called browning, which can usually be rectified by us.
  • Water pressure too high – can blast the water and dirt right down to the underlay, especially on polypropylene, potentially causing ongoing mould problems and dirty looking carpet.
  • Too high alkaline chemical on wool – can burn the wool causing irreversible damage.
  • Bleach application to a nylon carpet – strip the colour leaving an unsightly yellow area.
  • Too high heat – strip the colour from the carpet fibre.
  • Carpet cleaning solutions containing detergents not completely flushed out – stains return quickly, especially in main traffic areas, because detergent is oily in nature and attracts dirt and dust.