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End of Lease Cleaning

For most of the people sweeping and swapping the floor are the only activities for keeping the house clean. This is a result of limited perception, which one realizes only when someone’s criticism falls on his or her ears. This is where professional house cleaning and especially carpet cleaning comes into play. Myom Cleaning Services with tons of experience in Melbourne cleaning services, offers professional cleaning services for its customers. We have nearly all the resources possible and a knack to optimize the utility of those resources. We have such a staff and technical edge above the others that it takes comparatively less time than other competitors to accomplish our commitment to our clients. We offer our services to every nook and corner of Melbourne including Brighton. Such is our dedication and commitment that we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee (T&C Applied). This is because of the protocol and procedures that we strictly adhere to and follow. We even use the steam cleaner for perfection at cleanliness. Besides carpet cleaning, we offer services like commercial cleaning, and end of lease cleaning. When what matters is cleanliness, feel free to mail us anytime and witness that the money that you pay us makes your property 99.9% void of germs, makes you happy, and rejuvenates your property from within. Our regular domestic cleaning will look after all your tiresome housework so you have all the free time for yourself and family. Weather its weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even daily, we can provide all with attention to details. We also provide end of lease cleaning camberwell and other areas.

Quality We Ensure

We cover multiple types of cleaning services and take pride in calling ourselves top-quality services. We have the best-known professionals for cleaning and use the latest tools and equipment for cleaning.

Experienced Workers

Be rest assured, our team of professional cleaners is fully trained and insured. To stay up to date with all of the latest cleaning techniques, our team undergoes regular training. (extra) Additionally, the work we perform is overseen by an experienced and trusted supervisor.

*With more frequent services it can be altered so that the house can be maintain.

Our regular cleaning package requires minimum 2 hours service. Hours can be discussed upon on the size of your home, how often you want it cleaned and it’s initial condition.

If your home hasn’t been cleaned in a while, or if you’d prefer a more detailed and thorough cleaning service, our spring cleaning packages may be more suitable:

If you’re considering our basic package as a regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service, we’d highly recommend booking a spring cleaning package first, then reverting to our basic clean on an ongoing basis. This way we can ensure that all areas of your home are sparkling clean, and kept sparkling clean!

Our end of lease cleaning includes:

All Rooms



Frequently Ask Questions

That means, once cleaning at your place is done and the real estate agent is to find any problems relating to our provided service, we will come back to resolve the issue. However, this does not cover any damage that happened during the tenancy like any permanent damage to the carpet like cut or iron stain.

We charge per service for end of lease cleaning and our technician will confirm the price before they start the work. We choose this so there is no time limit on the task and customers are aware of the price to pay. We understand how important it is for tenants to fit the budget.

This depends on the condition and size of the house. For normal size, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom average condition house take 3 to 4 hours with 2 cleaners including carpet steam cleaning.

We have been providing end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne for more than 12 years now, and we provide bond back cleaning work for many real estate agencies.

Yes, we do normal vacuum as a part of end-of-lease cleaning however, we provide carpet steam cleaning using a hot water technique if the client wishes to book for.