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A Weekend Itinerary for Berwick

Here’s a suggested weekend itinerary for Berwick, VIC:

Day 1 (Saturday):
– Start your day with breakfast at one of Berwick’s popular cafes, such as The Old Cheese Factory or The Berwick General.
– Visit the Wilson Botanic Park to explore the beautiful gardens, walking trails, and lake. Don’t miss the park’s highlight, the Wilson Botanic Park Playground.

– Grab lunch at a local restaurant or pack a picnic to enjoy at the Buchanan Park, which features a playground, walking paths, and open spaces.
– Explore the Berwick Village Shopping Centre, a historic street lined with boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants.

– Dine at a local restaurant, such as the Berwick Inn Hotel or the Ambrosia Restaurant, which offer a range of cuisines and beverages.
– Catch a movie at the Reading Cinemas Berwick or enjoy a live performance at the Berwick Theatre.

Day 2 (Sunday):
– Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at another local cafe, such as the Blackwood Cafe or the Berwick Springs Cafe.
– Visit the Berwick Farmers Market (if it’s the 3rd Saturday of the month) to browse local produce, crafts, and gourmet food items.

– Play a round of golf at the Berwick Montuna Golf Club or the Berwick-Balcombe Golf Club, both of which offer challenging courses and beautiful surroundings.
– Alternatively, visit the Akoonah Park to explore the walking trails, playground, and open spaces.

– Have dinner at another local dining spot, such as the Nazio’s Italian Restaurant or the Chang Rai Thai Restaurant.
– Take an evening stroll along the charming streetscape of Berwick Village or relax with a drink at one of the local bars or pubs.

This itinerary offers a mix of outdoor activities, shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Berwick. Feel free to customize the itinerary based on your specific interests and preferences. Keep in mind that some activities, such as the farmers market, may only be available on specific dates or times.