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Best Places to Stay in Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield, a suburb in Melbourne’s southeast, offers a range of accommodation options for visitors looking to stay in the area. Here are some of the best places to stay in and around Beaconsfield:

1. Beaconhills Country Golf Club
– Located on Golf Links Road, Beaconsfield
– Offers comfortable, modern hotel-style rooms
– Features an 18-hole golf course, restaurant, and bar

2. Beaconsfield Lodge Motel
– Located on the Princes Highway, Beaconsfield
– Offers clean, comfortable motel rooms
– Features free Wi-Fi, kitchenettes, and a swimming pool

3. Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links
– Located on Stoney Creek Road, Beaconsfield
– Offers well-appointed, modern hotel-style rooms
– Features a golf course, restaurant, and function facilities

4. Edrington Farm
– Located on Emerald-Beaconsfield Road, Emerald (near Beaconsfield)
– Offers a unique farm stay experience in a rural setting
– Features self-contained cottages and a petting zoo

5. Airbnb and Vacation Rentals
– Various locations in and around Beaconsfield
– Offers a range of private rooms, apartments, and homes for rent
– Provides a more personalized and unique accommodation experience

6. Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
– Several options located within a short drive from Beaconsfield
– Offers powered and unpowered sites for caravans, campervans, and tents
– Provides a budget-friendly and outdoorsy accommodation experience

7. Nearby Hotels and Motels
– Various options in nearby suburbs such as Officer, Berwick, and Pakenham
– Offers a range of hotel and motel accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences
– Provides easy access to Beaconsfield and surrounding attractions

When choosing a place to stay in Beaconsfield, consider factors such as location, price, amenities, and proximity to the attractions or activities you plan to visit. Keep in mind that accommodation options in Beaconsfield may be more limited compared to larger suburbs or central Melbourne, so it’s always a good idea to book in advance to secure your desired accommodation.