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Does consistent commercial cleaning matter?

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Did you know that an average staff member loses nine working days in a year to sickness?
Unhygienic workplace being one of the many reasons. According to the research, your
normal keyboard can carry viruses too. It can carry up to 7500 bacteria at any given time.
Viruses tend to linger on unclean surfaces such as your work desk, telephones, stationaries
as well as on electronic equipment. If not taken seriously, it can cause more damage than
you might see it coming.

Well, fret not! Myom cleaning services have got you (and all the surfaces) covered. Book us
for your commercial cleaners in Melbourne and take a seat back while we take your office
cleaning as seriously as it should.

Let’s understand why is office cleaning important:

● Home or office, a clean environment is important – no matter where you are.
● A clean office not only increases productivity but also a primary factor of a modern,
effective organization, thereby preventing absences from work.
● In a clean working environment, you seem to distract less by the mess which helps
enhance your greater level of concentration and increased focus.
● Think about how much time you would save if you wouldn’t have to look for your
important documents or a pen and paper in a cluttered workspace.
● A clean workplace calls for happy tenants and employees.
● Office cleaning helps you protect your investment. Think about it, your office
furniture, electronics, carpet, and other types of equipment are expensive
investments. That is why proper care should be carried out at all times to avoid costly
repairs and replacements.

Commercial cleaners in Melbourne:

We know how important work is to you. While commercial cleaning is necessary, we know
you probably don’t get enough time for it and hence the mess. And that’s when commercial
cleaners come into the picture. With thousands of options existing in your google search
bar, it might get a little difficult to pick specific commercial cleaners that would cater to all
your expectations.

Wondering which commercial cleaners to go with then? Myom cleaning services. Why?
Because we strive to provide superior, everyday office cleaning services on your preferred
schedule. We offer special areas of commercial cleaning including those that are
commonly overlooked by other commercial cleaners in Melbourne. And what’s more?
Many of those services are inclusive of our basic office cleaning package with no additional
charge whatsoever. We promise, this way, we are sure you would notice a difference in the
way your office looks. From meeting rooms, restrooms, kitchen area to reception area, we
tailor your office cleaning to the exact requirements with an assured quality.

Our commercial cleaning includes:

● Vacuuming and mopping all floors
● Dusting and wiping down baseboards
● Sanitising bathrooms and toilets
● Cleaning showers and bathtubs
● Cleaning kitchen, cabinets and drawers
● Cleaning window sills and tracks
● Cleaning and disinfecting the appliances
● Cleaning and shining mirrors
● Cleaning and disinfecting sinks
● Remove/Treating ceiling mould
● Dusting venetian and vertical blinds
● Cleaning heating and air con vents
● Cleaning all bench-tops
● Cleaning all splash-backs
● Dusting all furniture
● Cleaning ceiling fan and light fixtures
● Spot cleaning all walls
● Cleaning all skirting boards
● House wide dust removal

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